Thursday, November 09, 2006

another pic ^_____^

Here's another one i took.

Monday, October 30, 2006

more of blythe (i seriously need to name her.....)

My Blythe

This is what she looks like ^___^
She's actually blond and has short hair but here she's wearing a purple wig. =D

And this is the original blond version ^___^


I'm blogging at 7 in the morning...that's new lol=D It's coz i'm not feeling OK, so I skipped school. *yay* SO....Blythe. What's Blythe? Blythe's a doll but not your ordinary kinda doll. Here's the official site:

You see, I first saw Blythe online and immediately fell in love with it. SO, I went around looking for it and I found a shop called XL-SHOP at MidValley which sells Japanese figurines, model kits and dolls. And there Blythe was! 4 of them *coughs*

The price range of the dolls were between RM368-RM598. And YES, I fell in love with the pricey one =___= The model's name is "Inspired by Pinafore Purple" and yeah, bought it yesterday after 10 grueling minutes of barganing. What's more is that I lied to the guy saying that their "Singaporean" site sells it at a cheaper rate. He bought that and said it'll be just as expensive because of the shipping rates but actually, there isn't a branch in Singapore at all.(insert evil wicked laugh here) So, the guy stood his ground and offered me a price that I was never gonna agree to. RM580. I tried more and more tricks and scams and stuff to get it at RM570 but it didn't work.....SO, it was time to fake interest in some other cheaper Blythe and they noticed that. Not wanting to lose a good deal (heck..RM500+ profit in sales!) they took the doll from my hands and began negotiating. In the end we all settled for RM 575. Greeeedy buggers.

Also, with this doll, you're entitled to enter contests at the Blythe site and stand to win prizes *other Blythe models *.
To do so, you'd just have to take a nice picture of your Blythe in your desired background but it wouldn't be easy...>< Some contests require you to send your forms that are downloadable from the site, a photo of your Blythe pic and a fee of 1000 yen to Tokyo. And some, you can just participate online.

So, this is all for now...I will be posting pics of my Blythe soon ^___^
.....and I haven't named her yet...=____=

Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Comp's Here

Finally, I've got a comp(Dell), and so, yeah I'm happy. ^__^
I have uploaded a few of my drawings and designs and my manga. Yes, manga...feel free to browse through them ^___^ And, please comment on them too. The manga I drew has no plot at all (coz I'll just draw whatever that comes to mind, LOL..but now I somewhat came up with something) and it's in English though initially in Japanese... As for the artwork, it's my first time drawing manga, or at least 3 pages of manga so don't mind the lousy artwork (I apologize in advance for embarassing the manga industry). ^__^:::: The clothes I designed are not particularly nice or ( should I say this..) pleasing to the eye? But to each his own...heh.

I have yet to study for History so, uhm.....I'll probably study tomorrow....that's like 15 mins before the paper? XD

Manga info
-Characters- (for now)
Tanaka Yuuko (17)- She was Ryuichi's classmate but doesn't recognise him. She's somewhat a punky girl but is very sensitive, especially when it comes to Ryuichi. She is currently unemployed and is desperately trying to make ends meet. Everything soon changes when she meets Ryuichi.

Yamamoto Ryuichi (17)- After 10 years, he recognised Yuuko and talked to her on the street. He is currently working with a fashion magazine company named Polka Dott and is one of the head journalists. He is always joking around but keeps a straight face most of the time.

Ogawa Junko (19)- Ryuichi's boss and the editor of Polka Dott. She may be only 19 but she worked really hard to achieve her position as the head editor as she never went to school. Junko is often teased by Ryuichi because she is only 2 years older. She manages to reprimand him by saying "As your boss, I DO have the power to fire you...."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Paradaisu Kisu

As you can see, this post would mainly be about PARADISE KISS . I bought the anime last Thursday and started watching the morning after. Watched it from 7am-12pm (yes...everything...XD) The ending was so touching and I admit to me (like Yukari) falling for Jouji/ George when I first saw him. *blushes =________=*

A few days after watching the anime, all I kept thinking of was...yeah, the anime +______+. So, I asked my mum to HELP me to buy the manga (that's 5 books in all, Japanese ) coming to a total of RM 228.50. So, basically I'm gonna have to pay my mum back. *turns blue and dies*


After watching and reading ParaKiss, I noticed I was really into fashion designing. *laugh all you want...+______+* THEREFORE, I started creating my own stuff. ^^ *wish i knew how to sew though*
Here's what I did:
1- Bought tracing paper from school, cut them into halves.
2-Created a blueprint for my designs.
3-Sketched them on tracing paper and coloured them with colour pencils.

WHY tracing paper? ^^
Coz, in the ParaKiss manga, there were tracing papers with designs printed on them and on the next page, mannequins. So, the clothes on the tracing paper would actually look like it's on the mannequin! Therefore, now I'm designing my clothes according to the mannequin's shape and size and then, put my designs over them. o^___________^o

Of course, being me, I expect others to like almost everything I've spent time on doing/ creating*wahaha...*...BUT...if you suck, you gotta face it that you suck...*yeah, me...turns blue and ...crawls back to grave*=____________=
Just minutes after finishing my first design, I showed it to my grandmother.
" Ah maaaaaAAAAA! See!!! Nice arr nice arrr?!?! I drew it!"
"no comments?"
"Ok la.."
"OK!? JUST OK?!!??!!?sure?! look properly laaa..not nice meh?!"
"It looks old..."
"AHAHAHHA...yeah it's meant to look like that" *T________T i didn't design it to look*
"looks like a dress from the 20's..."
"20'S!??" O__o
" like it?"
"no's ugly"
".............................................U-G-L-Y................................................................................." *grabs paper and storms off in search of someone else*

Grandfather next...
" Gong Goooooooooooooooooooong!!!!"
"nice ? NICE??!?!?"
"DONT KNOW!???you either say nice or not nice marr...where got dunno waaaaan??"
"I'm not a lady and I dont buy dresses so i dont know lah...can't comment"
"................................*grumbles**stares at design**grumbles*.................................................."

And there were others who didn't quite like what I drew and only said "ok". Well, .....they don't know talent even when it hits them!!!! *rest assured, I did not hit them...not planning to either.....*

Well, I'm not expecting everyone to like what I yeah, no grudges kept..^__^'''''''
If only I had a scanner....or IF I see anyone of you guys in school, hehehehhehehehehe...
So, until next time....~
P.S-ParaKiss fans...saikou! *suuuuuuuuuki*
Non-Parakiss fans....*glare*...*wahahaha..*
P.S.S- TOKUMORI is not HOT.....=___________= JOUJI IS. XD

Saturday, September 02, 2006

will blog soon

was planning to blog now but i forgot that i had to make sandwiches for a function at church tomorrow so....yeah...vanessa procrastinates AGAIN....XD will blog soon!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


From left: Papa, Mama, Shu-chan, Natsuka, Ryo and Grandpa. You can also see the firewood stove in the back. ^_____^

This pic was taken on my last day with them. *sobs*

Anyway, I'm writing to them, so it's still good. ^____^ And on Friday, I'll be going to Langkawi, so I'm missing my aunt's b'day party. Zannen!

There's the Moral project I have to do...screw it. I'll hand it up tomorrow...I guess. XD

So I guess this is all for now. Gonna update after the trip.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Part 3

WOkay, this would be the last post about my Japan trip.
On the third day (sunday), we all went to Nara (south of Kyoto, about 30-45 mins. drive away) to see the deers. In Nara, there's a huge park with deers roaming about. So, I touched the deers, fed them, and accidentaly stepped on deer poop +___+. We then visited this temple that's situated in the park itself. Very very nice. Hirokute subarashii desuuu. For lunch, we had Udon (noodles) at this traditional looking restaurant.

Next, we visited a science centre and we saw many cool hi-tech gadget-stuff there. We also went for tis 4-D simulation thingy where you'll be sitting in this theather and everything that's happening feels real. ^_____^
After that, we stopped by a supermarket to buy ingredients for dinner; frozen pizzas and pasta sauce. guessed it, we had pizzas and pasta for dinner. LoL...

And that raps up day 3.

Monday- I woke up early again...because of the cold. Imagine, me using 3 thick blankets and still shivering despite being in a small room with a heater. Or, try this : go stuff yourself into the fridge and stay there till you get frostbites. lol...We had breakfast and I followed Mum and Shu-chan to his kindergarten to do some spring-cleaning..(in winter..) I can confidently say that I swept the most dried leaves. (only if compared to the young 4-yr olds) Afterwards, we went to this restaurant for lunch " COCO'S". I was suprised...bikkuri shita! I had a Ceasar salad and it was really yummy. Bacon and Parmesan chiizu...oishisaaaa! After eating, I bought Shu-chan SLIME. Yes, the green thing. He was so afraid of it aft first...but he later liked it. Ryo actually played with slime when he was, err, younger. ^_________^

I'm kinda messing up the days, but somewhere between day 3 and 4, I went to downtown Kyoto with Mum and my other M'sian friends (with their mums) for lunch at this small trinket shop cum cafe after visiting the Todaiji/ Todai temple in Kyoto. Very nice, small and cute, having only 4 tables. So, we had already booked in advance. For that afternoon, we owned that place. *wahhahaaa* *cough cough*
After lunch, we went up, and discovered treasure : Kimono! So, in the end, I bought a pink silk kimono with momiji patterns all over it. Costed me 13,000 yen (around RM 400+) And now, I kinda forgot how to wear it. T__T Okaasan must be really upset because she practised with me for quite a long time. She even let me wear her vintage silk kimono.

Back to day 4-Later at night, I followed Mum and Natsuka shopping. It was then that I decided to buy the kiddos Kurisumasu Purezento. ^__^ I bought Natsuka a "Sylvanian Families Mama Cat" , Shu-chan a plastic kabuto/beetle (coz he likes them) and Ryo an IQ puzzle. Should've bought Ryo a Gundam model, come to think of it...since he likes to build stuff. Anyway, that's about it.

Day 5- This would be the last day with my Japanese family *sob sob*
I spent the whole day at home. Part of the afternoon was spent on me practising the technique on wearing the kimono. Then, Ryo came back from school and he saw me in the kimono and I blushed..(slap slap....vanny, he's 12...but ever so kakkoii XD) OK, so, I wanted to take off my kimono, and okaasan was suprised...then Ryo said, "kimochi ga warui ka na" (maybe she doesn't feel comfortable in the kimono) Then I freaked and denied that saying that I was just "hazukashii" /shy. WHich was true because Ryo was there. =___=

When Natsuka got back, we all watched Haoru no Ugoku Shiro/ Howl's Moving Castle together. Before dinner, we decorated the kurisumasu tree together and the tree was over-ornamented. lol.. Dinner time..I had one of the best meals of my life! We had seafood that was bought fresh during the day by Grandpa at the straits off Kyoto. We had crabmeat with vinegar and japanese cucumber, mussels and HUGE scallops with black sticky sauce and tsukemono (pickles) umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakatta~ =3

Later, we headed off to the train station and I thought we were going somewhere else lol...*BLURR* So, I hugged instinct I guess, and in the end, I hugged Natsuka, RYO =3 and Shu-chan. Ryo turned red, Shu-chan looked like he wanted a piggy-back and Natsuka looked uncomfortable...anyway, I hugged RYO *muahahahaha*

So, we got onto the bus and drove to Osaka where the rest of my m'sian friends were at (including Dab and MH) Then it was off to Tokyo Disneyland for us! On the way, we stopped by this rest area. The toilets were SO clean and there were at least 20 cubicles there. +____+ sugoi~ Then, I bought Meron-pan (melon bun) and a sausage roll. Oh yeah, it was snowing outside too ^__^ I kena snowballed by Dab right in the face. It was supposed to hit my back but I turned around at the wrong time. It was fun though, getting hit in the face by a guys should try that. XD
p.s- I forgot to take off my gloves so I never felt what real snow feels like...*bummer...~*

The journey to Disneyland took us around 9-10 hours. However, we were all full of spirits again once we saw the huge castle thingy. We broke off from the big group and were free to explore the place. I tell you, one day there was not enough! MH, Dab and I went on a few rides, and ate quite a lot to be frank, lol. And there was this character ( u know, those ppl in suits walking all around the place), a fox...with a long bushy tail. Well, I crept up behind the guy and pulled his tail real hard and he almost fell back. I then ran away and the fox was looking all over for the culprit.*fufufufu* Dab and MH were laughing, so were other ppl. X]

Lastly, it reached 8pm and it was off to the hotel for all of us. The noise we made in the bus was loud enough to pop your ears right off your head. So, we reached the hotel and had dinner.
MENU (malaysian food a la crap)
-canned baked beans (ayam brand)-
-instant rice that was too hard to even scoop out of the container-
-canned chicken curry(ayam brand)
p.s.-the baked beans and curry were brought from they already planned this! cheapskates...

What the hell! We paid so much for that trip and all they gave up was this crappy food?! Stupid Malaysian Hiroshima Club. Breakfast was a trillion times better. We ate at the inn and they had Japanese and American breakfast (buffet). I ate porridge, pickles, fish and lots of chawan mushi (steamed egg custard) We then left for Narita airport.

I wore my cat's ears (got them at disneyland) at the airport and whenever I passed by Japanese old ladies, they'll just whisper to each other and start giggling. Now, is that good or bad? XD Probably think I'm some crazy kid who's in Japan to create havoc or something. I then ate a hotdog. Btw, I ate a foot long hotdog in Disneyland too. What's with me and hotdogs. Must be the sausages there...really good quality sausages. ^____^
So, that's the end of my trip.